And the spring onion on top completes the picture. What say? Handsdown, this is the best chop suey I have ever had. Nothing can beat it.
Before getting into the recipe,
So, hellloowwww guys, what’s up? First of all sorry for the delayed blog. Was busy with the scenic mountains (iykyk). Anyway, today I am going to share another favorite recipe of mine.

Take dinner time to a delicious new level with this Indian version of the popular American chop suey featuring irresistible sweet and spicy sauce served on a bed of crispy noodles. Load up with your favorite vegetables, add a touch of protein and watch the whole family tuck in.
Growing up, noodles have always been a favorite and obviously an easy meal idea. I loved them with plenty of veggies and some spring onions on top. Well, today I’m going to tell you about a totally different kind of noodles. To be exact, American chop suey- FaS style. Again, the traditional version of this chop suey is 100% vegetarian. Perfect for a weekend meal!

When you’re super busy planning and attending holiday, I think quick and easy recipes like this chop suey are godsend. You know, you’ll need some quick and easy dinner ideas to get through the holiday season. For me, it sounds so perfect for this time of the year.

The key to perfect chop suey not only depends on the crispness of the noodles but also on the flavorful sauce. The sauce is super simple with a few veggies cooked in Chinese sauces. Totally yum!



For Fried Noodles:

4 cups water
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon oil
1packet noodles
oil for frying

For chopsuey sauce:

2 tablespoons oil
8 clove garlic (finely chopped)
4 tbsp spring onion (chopped)
1 green chilli
1 tablespoon ginger (finely chopped)
1 carrot (sliced)
1 cup cabbage (shredded)
1 onion (sliced)
1 cup bell peppers(chopped)
½ cup tomato sauce
¼ cup  green chili sauce
4 tablespoons red chili sauce
1 tbsp vinegar (optional)
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons schezwan chutney
2 cups water
½ tsp pepper (crushed)
½ tsp salt
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tsp corn flour
¼ cup water



Cook noodles according to packet instructions. Drain. Divide into five equal parts.

Heat oil for deep frying. Fry each portion of noodles. Drain on an absorbent towel or tissue paper to remove extra oil. Set aside.


Prepare all the chopped veggies and place cornflour in a bowl. Add water. Stir. Set aside.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan over medium- high heat. Add onions. Fry for 2-3 minutes or until soft and translucent.

Add carrots, shredded cabbage and bell peppers. Cook for 2 minutes or until tender but retain crispness. Remove veggies from the pan and keep it aside.

In the same pan, heat another spoon of oil. Add ginger, garlic and green chili. Fry for 1 minute or until aromatic.  Add tomato sauce, green and red chili sauce, schezwan cutney, soya sauce. Stir.

Add 2 cups of water and simultaneously add on the corn flour mixture. Stir in sugar and pepper powder. Season with salt. Add , vinegar (optional) and Stir. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 3 minutes.

When it comes to a flowly thick mixture add on the sauted veggies and lastly garnish with some spring onions. And youurr chopsuey is all set for grabbing.

Assemble American chop suey:

Divide fried noodles among 4 plates. Top with sauce. Garnish it with some spring onions (scallions) and sesame seeds.

Oh-lala so yummy and full of aromatic flavors. Can’t wait to finish the bowls. When are you making yours?

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