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Cheesy Corn Ramen – Korean Style!

Cheesy Corn Ramen – Korean Style!

Helllowww guys! So? weekend is here. Still wondering Why do weeks go by so quickly? Anyway, first things first, starting off with today's RECIPE, we have Ramen recipe for the first time in FaS blog. Oh yes, though it is not a traditional combination, trust me, you...


Healthy -Mexican Recipe: Quesadillas

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend. So, what you all have been doing these days? Bored of regular dishes, right? If you are looking for some interesting fancy recipe, you need to try this one!!! (SO easy to make at home.) A quick sneak pick...

Easy Tart Recipe with chocolate ganache!

Heyyy guys, so I am back with a delicious dessert recipe which is crunchy and filled with silky chocoalte ganache. This recipe will ofcourse make you drool over those fancy TARTS. And If a bite of this doesn't appease your craving, then you may see a doctor. haha! ...

Make shanghai: Pan fried dumplings!

First thing's first! How you all doin'? And how about a special recipe for this weekend? Popping in here to share one of my, all time favourite recipe. Shanghai Style Momos are a type of pan-fried dumplings which is a most popular dish of Shanghai, the dumplings are...

Pasta (Fettuccine) & Bread Lasagna -Italian Basics!

Hey, how you doin'?! I spent the weekend organizing like crazy and trying to stay busy to keep up with work at home! .. . Annn -dd between odd food scrambles in the morning and shredded veggies in the evening, I am certain you are finding excuses to eat them right up....

Bread Desserts – No Bake

How's the long weekend going for everyone? So, it's Halloween today? How are 'you' celebrating it?! I am here still figuring out what to do next. Well, this conversation is never ending. We will definitely have a chit chat later on. But first, let me share two recipes...


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