Sigma rule no.1# Never settle for less.

It’s crazy to see how fast time flies and how things progress. Freeze a Second turns one today! Just a year ago, I took that leap of faith and started this journey. And I am glad I did. Since then I’ve totally fallen in love for sharing my kitchen adventures with you guys.

It was exactly one year ago when I hit the publish button on my blog post and hands down it was one of the best decision I’ve ever taken. Without a shadow of doubt, this rollercoaster journey has been incredible. At firsts, I was hesitant to do but looking back to 365 days, I am so proud of all the writings, pictures and editing I’ve done so far and if you have seen the intro page, you definitely know perfection is something I fall for.

Being the ONLY editor, content creator, social media manager, photographer wasn’t easy but also not impossible. While running and creating each part of blog, I failed. Not once but end no. of times. There was this time when, I decided to back off. But I owe a thankyou for all those who supported me.

I always wanted to use the pandemic as an opportunity to work on ourselves, our own strategy, and to let my skills improve each passing day. I cant describe how much this lockdown has taught me, and I love learning. Its where I am right now with my Blog. It has bought me so much joy.

Also a big Thankyou to my family for dealin’ with all my culinary experiments. It would have never be same without ’em.

You see a beautifully presented dish which takes hours to create from researching to posting blogs: there’s a long process. Can’t even imagine the hardwork required! When I started creating content is when I started respecting the community a lot more.

Just so YK, I had so many names in my mind for my BLOG but what inspired me the most was ‘Freeze a Second’. Over the months after my blog started, I made my insta account public despite the fact that I am still confused about the username XD Anyway, though I have had many highs and lows; recently renewed all my subscriptions and also tried my hands in gifting packs, it was all successful. And I believe that there are more ‘firsts’ to experience! I must say, I had an interesting and exciting first year, especially managing BLOG through the storm of the corona pandemic. Hope next year will bring new opportunities everyday.

I might be a beginner but I hope every piece of my content makes you feel a sense of relief and encourages you to take life into your own hands. I also wish to take the next year to continue to be proactive in encouraging people in someway or the other through FaS BLOGS.

I am tickled pink each time you guys share your experience using my recipes. Thankyou for following along, connecting with me and for using me recipes in your home as of now. Couldn’t have made it without you guys. It means more than you know!

I am super excited to continue this journey and see what the future holds for Freeze a Second.

So are you ready for more? ’cause freeze a second it is! Do let me know in the comment section below what else you would like to see here.

Thanks for stopping by,
Rishika Patwari.
Owner @FreezeaSecond

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