So guys, the most AWAITED blog is here! I waited so long for this blog to post, literally. But, better late than never. And of course what could be more special than starting of April! (The Humor Month, so laugh it up). Damn, I am super exciteddddd for this blog. Are you?
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Because TODAYYY, I am sharing one of the best Italian Blog on my cabinet. Indeed, celebrating this day with a pizza session.

YKW, Homemade Pizza has been a regular affair in my home. Be it weeknight or weekends or any sleepover, Homemade pizzas are always amazing.

When you need an instant pick me up, literally a food-hug, it is this baked pizza with special toppings of your choice wrapped around cheese. Of course you can use any toppings or pizza sauce you have, just don’t feel guilty, take one bite of this and don’t look back. (Chill, don’t worry about the calories) XD

To make the pizza more delicious you can add your own innovation to this pizza recipe by preparing the base sauce at home just like the one, I used. (and, I tell you this can beat any other restaurant pizza)

Preparing homemade and healthy pizza is no longer a hassle. Using the right toppings and sauces can make pizzas a snack rather than a junk food.

Here are my top 7 versions of pizza recipes that you can try on:


This one is my favourite of all ’cause its all about ‘paneer’. Coat a base of pizza with our HOMEMADE Pizza Sauce. And then assemble the layer of paneer. Basically, I have chosen the similar size of paneer cubes mixed with finely chopped veggies and spices like peri peri powder and also Italian herbs. Veeba Cheese and Jalapeno dip is totally optional. Grate a wholesome of cheese and bake it with love. You can definitely adjust the seasoning to make it less spicy or more, completely upto you! 

Do try this way and let me know how did it taste?


For all the capsicum lovers out there, this is amazingly delicious pizza recipe to try your heart out. Just a layer of Homemade pizza sauce and your capsicum cubes which is then loaded with cheese.

A PIZZA rich in ‘vitamins’ which is because vegetables like bell peppers are best source of vitamin c and for more healthier version, choose fat free cheese to boost your veggie intake!

What else one could require? So, when are you trying yours?


Fries in pizza base, loaded with homemade pizza sauce, stretchy mozzarella and tasty cheddar. Serve them for dinner, as a game day or party food. You won’t believe how fast they disappear!One of the tastiest dish I have ever made.

It just takes a couple of minutes to assemble these ingredients:

                             •potato fries
                             •homemade pizza sauce
                             •veeba cheese and jalapeno dip
                             •grated cheese
                             •italian herbs & spices.

Assemble together the tomato sauce, fries, extra dip, cheese, then top with cheese over the fries and sprinkle on an extra pinch of oregano.
place back into the oven for 5 minutes to melt the cheese.


Go-to-go pizza for everyone, I’m sure.
As much as you love to have Margherita pizza, do you know how it came to be known so?
It was the chef of Italy who invented a dish called ”Pizza Margherita,” to honour the Queen and the Kindgom of Italy, since the toppings–tomato(red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green)–represented the colours of its national flag.
Usually, Margherita pizza stars fresh basil, mozzarella, and the best tomatoes you can find.
Here, I used a layer of delicious homemade pizza sauce with some Mozzarella Cheese. Just make one and grab your bite!


The Healthy Spinach Cheese pizza is so easy to make and  is extremely delicious. It’s flavorful and a favorite with the whole family. Spinach, an extremely nutrient rich vegetable helps to benefit health in several ways. Sauted corn and garlic in flour and butter mixture are the perfect flavor base for fresh spinach. A low-carb option for any meal!

This is hands-down the healthiest and delicious pizza recipe. And as I said use fat free cheese to boost your veggie intake. Alternatively, whole wheat pizza bases are also another option for more healthier version!


Whenever my people at home ask me for a good food this is something that comes to my mind instantly. And it is also good to make on a busy weekday night for dinner as it needs only a handful of ingredients that we mostly have in pantry. I used  colourful veggies like bell peppers, onions, carrots, american corn. You can also use veggies of your choice.
Again, repeating the same just a layer of homemade pizza sauce, cube sized veggies and grated cheese on top! Sounds yum. Right?

Bake with Love. Ta-da


Have you ever heard of fusion pizza? Yes that’s Pasta & Pizza -best combo ever.
Just another way of enjoying pasta stuffed within a pizza base. It makes such a comforting and filling meal. The leftover pasta with colourful veggies is layered in pizza bases and then covered with grated cheese. Extremely Mouthwatering!

The tangy, creamy pasta and the crispy bread bases makes a deliciously hearty meal. If you plan to make it a weekend dinner party, you could pair it up some soup or salad and enjoyyy!

Phew, that was a lot of pizza! But honestly, guys, I could go on and on. And so could you, I’m sure. So tell me what I’ve missed, guys. I want to know all about your favorite pizza recipes. Feature all the veggies, corns, spreads, paneer, pastas and any other kind of toppings that you just can’t imagine life without, because we all need our reasons to pizza!

Comment down below your favourite one and also how would you like to add your own toppings to pizza.! Till then, Ciao